Senju Production Studio


We capture your story
and convert into motion

Senju Production Studio is a Tokyo based all-inclusive Video Production.
We provide services to support interviewing, filming, and video production in Tokyo.
From small-scale shoots with a director running the camera to medium-scale shoots with a team of film crew,
we can accommodate your needs.

Our Services

  • Television program making
  • Television and internet advertising video making
  • Post production (editing, recording, mastering, etc.)
  • Camera crew service
  • Interview/video shooting

Area of Expertise

  • Sports (tennis, basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, figure skating, etc.)
  • Documentaries (sports, culture, music etc.)

About us

We produce, shoot, edit professional videos for TV programs, broadcasts, websites, corporate use and more.
Since the company's establishment in 2012, we have worked with many TV stations and companies in Japan.
We work on projects with a selective team of experts to produce high quality videos.
Our extensive experience in foreign countries has brought us many interviews with celebrities and athletes who came to Japan from abroad.
We also offer coordination services for foreign media when they shoot in Japan.

Women hands holding clapper board for making video cinema in studio.
Monitor editing video content or creativity video and grading color video of freelance editor

Our Clients

・TBS Holdings
・Japan Table Tennis Association
・Dentsu Casting and Entertainment
・Walt Disney Australia
and many more…

Need Any Help?

Thank you for your interest in working with us on your next project.
Please provide as much information as possible about your requirements in the form and we will reply to you promptly.