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Founded in 2012, Senju Production Studio is Tokyo-based film and video production company. We regularly produce content for television networks, media agencies, and corporations.
If you are planning to make your videos or films here in Tokyo, we can provide you a
comprehensive media production support. We can also collect materials as you order.

Takao Senju : Representative Director

Takao Senju, the founder of Senju Production Studio, have worked in TV industry for 20 years as a director. Takao has extensive experience in television, specially sports and cultural documentaries, interviews, sports broadcasts, and music performances.
He can carry out writing scripts, video shooting, off-line editing, narration recording by himself alone.

Shiho Senju:Managing Director

Shiho Senju, co-founder of Senju Production Studio, have worked in media business I industry for 20 years as a producer and a project manager. While engaging in the administrative task of the production, she serves as a coordinator on the spot.

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